David Hockney: Pearblossom Highway, April 1986

Novice at best...

As a kid I loved taking pictures. I remember thinking on various holidays what a shame it was that the a camera lens never seemed to do a picture justice compared with how it looked through my eyes.

Armed with a cheap digital camera I captured enough memories to as good as fill a one terabite hard drive.

With the dawn of camera phones, this eager snappery was replaced by even more instantaneous pics until it was less about photography and more about instagram likes.

A few years ago I jumped upon the hipster bandwagon and started capturing moments with an instax210 polaroid camera which was enjoyable but expensive and limiting.

Nowadays, though the 12 megapixel camera on my iphone is used frequently, I'm deeply attached to 35mm photography on my hand-me-down Minolta 7000i. Most of the posts in this section are going to be about trying my hand in 35mm photography and what I've learnt.

Scan 74
Scan 109
Scan 11
Scan 134
Scan 71