Guess who’s back

While it’s likely gone unnoticed, I appear to have taken an unplanned hiatus from my blog. At the end of my year abroad I was on such a high with so much content to write about, surrounded by people who really inspired me creatively (shout out to my friend and Parisienne OG blogger, Steph) and with no shortage of cultural outings to witter on about.

In June I whizzed off to South America for a month or so of travelling sans laptop. This was a fantastic time during which I saw some amazing things. While I didn't stop writing (I was excitedly penning my way through notebooks with heaps of personal jottings and funny anecdotes I wanted to remember) - I did get out of the rhythm of updating my blog weekly. [In hindsight I should have braved it and taken my laptop away with me].

Since my travels I’ve been back home and back at work trying to pay off this previous year before heading back to uni. I’ve really struggled to get back on the horse with this blogging malarkey, it seemed I lost my rhythm and my confidence which left me in a seemingly inescapable rut.

That said, I’ve not stopped pursuing creative endeavours; my photography flourished on the other side of the world and I feel like my passion for it gets stronger the more I shoot. I've set up a Jake of all Trades instagram account where I've been posting some of my favourite photos. Initially to save the unwanted spam from my main personal account but really I'd like a platform to get my work 'out there' a bit more.

On that note I've (very simply) printed and designed postcards of my photography which I've been sending to my friends left, right and centre. I'm really pleased with how they've come out and would ideally like to start selling them as well as larger prints of my best pictures.

Lima postcard
Valparaiso postcards
Medellin postcard

This slapdash post is really me giving myself a kick up the arse, sounding the alarm to let you know that I’m back and ready for it all over again


This is a baby step towards opening the floodgates to all the #content I’ve had stewing, unfinished on my desktop. Watch this space for an array of pensive posts ranging from photography in a (totally) foreign country, to travel blogs about serendipitous South American cities , to unintentional record collecting.

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