Photo credit: Hannah Smith;
Model: Juno Harvey;
Sexy Back: Jake Ball
Photo credit: Hannah Smith; Model: Juno Harvey; Sexy Back: Jake Ball

Those who know me know that I love sailing, music and cooking but there’s also heaps of other stuff I want to spend my time doing. The trouble is I’m easily distracted - I’ve always shown interest sporadically in a number of things but never felt as if I were really great at them or fully knowledgeable in them. In the last year I’ve had a crack at things like 35mm photography, dumpling making and unintentionally collecting records.

This blog is essentially about my journey through learning new things and perfecting old ones. Writing about my experiences like this helps me to collect my thoughts, share what I learn along the way and feel productive when not doing uni work!

Never enough time for

My musical education began in the passenger seat of my dad's van, I'm now a frequent gig-goer and university radio presenter

Nothing compares to a beautiful day on a boat (with wind, please)
Agreeable weather will invite the phrase "lovely day for a sail"

The only thing better than cooking for yourself is cooking for others
- Guaranteed compliments
- Alcohol provided for you
-Willing washer-uppers

Let me know what you think...

The theme of this blog is trying to improve and progress, so your feedback is important to me!

Let me know what you think, however you like.

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